"With an intense passion for excellence and a dedication to encouraging each student to achieve their maximum potential, Alexander Gurin combines his expert teaching abilities, wealth of knowledge and just the right amount of humor to motivate and inspire all levels and ages of musicians. While his credentials and experience speaks for itself, Alexander’s ability to connect with his students and retain their interest is his real gift".

Adult Students Recitals
Dr. Mark Buchanan Performing Chopin, Ravel, Rachmaninoff and Khachaturian.

Student's Journeys    

Mr. Gurin was born in St. Petersburg (Leningrad), Russia. Mr. Gurin attended the Petrograd Music School for Children where he studied violin from age 6 and piano from age 10. Upon finishing school in 1973, Mr. Gurin entered the Rimsky-Korsakov College of the Leningrad State Conservatory graduating in 1979 with a concentration in choral   conducting, piano and voice. After graduation, Mr. Gurin organized and led the Leningrad Children's Choir ages 7 to 15. Mr. Gurin also worked with the Leningrad Academic Chamber Orchestra and Chorus. Mr. Gurin attended the Juilliard School of Music where he studied Piano with Oksana Yablonskaya and Orchestral Conducting with Vincent LaSelva.

After moving from New York to Connecticut in 1988, Mr. Gurin was closely associated with the Norwalk Symphony Orchestra, where he served as assistant conductor under Maestro Jesse Levine, as well as a Board Member from 1988 to 1998. Mr. Gurin also served as a Choral Director at the Canterbury School in New Milford, CT. He was responsible for the rehearsals, performances and everyday administration of a 70-member Chorale and Women’s Choir; Octet and Chamber Orchestra; AP Music Theory/Harmony Course; Introductory Course on Composition Principals; Piano Workshops and Vocal Coaching.

Mr. Gurin held the position of Band Director at the Immaculate High School in Danbury, CT and has been on the faculty of Martocchio Music since June of 2000, concentrating on beginner and intermediate piano. Mr. Gurin is the Founder and Music Director of Sol Solis Consort, a 24 member chamber orchestra dedicated to performing music from the Baroque and Early Classical periods. The Sol Solis Consort mission is to provide a musical learning experience for young aspiring musicians in the community. 

Mr. Gurin is a resident of Harwinton, CT where he lives with his wife Bree; they have a grown son, Serge, who lives and works in Manhattan. Mr. Gurin has been teaching children and adults in Connecticut since 1986.